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Masterclass - In-House Strategy: Mission, Vision and Company's values

Masterclass - In-House Strategy: Mission, Vision and Company's values

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During the last Masterclass we went over the market trends and the impact on the companies we develop together. But what does really matters at the heart of the companies. In the next 4 classes we will focus on the main issues to develop in a plan in a sustainably way. This Thursday we will be ready to start with the first step on the internal and successful venture path. Learn to define correctly the Mission, Vision and Company's values.

Join the live masterclass on In-House Strategy to learn which is the key to design a good strategy. Save the date because this class is free only for ENEB students! This session will take place on Thursday 27th at 4 pm and Paz Palacios will be running it. She has got 15 years of experience in Corporate Identity and Marketing Strategies both in private companies and CSR corporations in Spain and Latin America.

Palacios will show attendees what are the instruments to improve our competitiveness and positioning, as well as to reinforce our corporate identity.

See you soon!
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